Wolf Assessments

Assessments are tools used by Cheyney University to place you in appropriate classes, suggest activities that might interest you, and assist us in developing an individualized college success plan. We strive to create balanced schedules for all incoming students and assist them in becoming well rounded individuals. Below you will find a list of the assessments used and a brief overview of what they entail and how they are used.

Accuplacer Placement Test: Provides information about academic skills in math, English, & reading. The results of the assessment, in conjunction with your academic background, goals, and intersts are used to determine your course selection. Please review the Accuplacer Sampe Questions for Students to help yourself prepare.
  • Sentence Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Arithmetic Test
  • College Level Math test
  • Written Essay

Writing Prompt: Students will asked to provide a brief writing sample on a topic provided the day of the assessment. The sample will not be graded, but will provide an overview of your writing strengths.

Student Strengths Inventory: Measures attitudes & characteristics in six areas demonstrated to be strong predictors of college success. University College uses this information in conjunction with background information including placement test scores, grades, goals, & interests to assist you in mapping out your college success plan.
  • Academic engagement - Commitment to school work & value placed on education
  • Educational commitment - Dedication to obtaining a college degree
  • Campus engagement - Involvement in campus activities & connection to the student's school
  • Social comfort - Comfort in social situations & ability to communicate with others
  • Academic self-efficacy - Confidence that the student can achieve academically & succeed in college
  • Resiliency - Approach to challenging situations & stressful events

Learning Community Selection Form: When you arrive at Cheyney you will be placed in a Learning Community. A Learning Community is a group of students who share common academic and/or personal interests, participate in activities and programming opportunities together, and may also be enrolled in a similar and related courses.

DISCOVERY Self-Assessment (2013-2014) : A series of questions designed to assist us in the decision making process in relation to campus engagment activities.  Questions will include basic demographic, background, and contact information.  Other questions will address career plans, previous student engagement activities, spirituality, and other additional questions.  

Cheyney Mobile Evaluation: Please let us know how we did?