Enrollment Days

Dear Incoming Students:

Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to Cheyney University! We are eagerly anticipating and preparing for your arrival.  Your next steps are to complete the enrollment process by: 
     1.  Registering for one of the Enrollment Day dates (Registration for Enrollment Days is now Closed)
     2.  Making Satisfactory Financial Arrangements for the Total Cost of Fees, Room, Board, and Tuition
     3.  Submitting all required documentation (See the Checklist for details)
     4.  Taking the Placement Test
These steps can be completed by attending the Enrollment Days that are outlined below:

<You can register for one of the Enrollment Days by using this Link> (Registration for Enrollment Days is now Closed)

What are Enrollment Days?

During Enrollment Days students can submit all required and any outstanding documentation, speak with department representatives and complete placement testing.  The Enrollment Day process enables you to move into the residence halls. 
→ Please note that students will not be able to move into the residence halls for Wolf Orientation until the enrollment process is completed.  The enrollment process is completed when a student has paid her/his tuition and fees, submitted all required documentation and taken the placement test.
When are Enrollment Days?
Enrollment Days are now completed!
How do I prepare for Enrollment Days?
Before attending Enrollment Days you must:
     ♦  Pay your Fees
     ♦  Complete the Checklist
     ♦  Prepare for Placement Testing
How can I register for Enrollment Days?
Due to limited spacing you should register as soon as possible.  All prospective students will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.