Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors have a general responsibility for serving as a mentor, and assisting first year students in their personal adjustment to the University.  Peer Mentors are under the supervision of the Coordinator of Student Engagement and the University College staff.
A peer mentor will fulfill tasks which will enhance Cheyney University in its endeavors to foster the educational, career, financial, moral, personal, social, and spiritual development of our students.
Must have earned 24 credits or more at Cheyney University prior to the starting date
Must have at least a 2.75 cumulative grade point average (GPA) 
The peer mentor position is expected to be a major priority, second only to course work. While in this position you may NOT:
Be a Resident Advisor
Be employed on campus (including work study)
Must exhibit positive role model behavior at all times, have a positive attitude, and work well with others.
Must not have any open judicials.
Must have good verbal and written communication skills
Job Description
The University College has high expectations forstudents who serveas Peer Mentors. It is expected that academic commitments come first. Because of the degree of leadership and responsibility afforded by this role, the Peer Mentor position should be the principle non-academic activity and extracurricular activities should not conflict with the time needed to perform effectively throughout the entire year.
Help first year students successfully transition into college and toward graduation by:
Introducing them to campus resources and referring them to the proper services.
Monitoring mentee success and encouraging them to strive for excellence.
Support student participation in learning communities by:
Coordinating one learning community activity each month
Updating mentees about learning community activities and campus events regularly
Meeting with mentees on a weekly basis
Attend staff training in its entirety the week prior to the beginning of the fall semester and throughout the year as scheduled
Attend weekly Peer Mentor and one on one meeting’s with the Coordinator of Student Engagement.
Work a mandatory 10 hours per week
Regard any personal information about students as confidential with the exception of always informing your area supervisor.
     $8.50 per hour up to 10 hours per week
     Move on campus a week prior to fall classes starting
     Gain professional experience and leadership skills
 How To Apply  
Submit application using this link by April 5, 2013 at 5:00pm
Submit your resume to Ms. Alexander by April 5, 2013 at 5:00pm via email at
Submit your letter of recommendation at the time of interview in a signed and sealed envelope using this link
You can also print a copy of the Peer Mentor Brochure
Please note that NOT all applicants will be contacted for an interview