College Success

Being successful in college is not as difficult as it seems. If you start early and develop the necessary habits your time here should be both challenging and rewarding.  Don't be afraid to seek help at the first sign of academic difficulty.  Cheyney University offers a plethora of resources all designed to enhance your educational experience.  University College is dedicated to the success of all students and will assist you along the way.     

• Stay on top of your academics
• Get involved in different activities
• Choose your friends carefully
• Commit to getting a college degree
• Be responsible for your education
• Work on getting the best grades possible
• Check your PowerCAMPUS & your Wolfmail accounts
• Prepare for and attend every class
• Get to know our classmates and other students
• Get to know your instructor, faculty members, and staff
• Balance your schedule
• Balance your free time
• See what resources are available to you
• Think about and start preparing for the future
• Challenge yourself
• Take care of all STOPS