CU students have a Q&A with "50 Cent" at QVC studios

April 22, 2013

Cheyney University student Erik Ruffin performs in front of Curtis

Cheyney University student Erik Ruffin performs in front of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson at QVC studios in nearby West Chester, Pennslyvania.

On Tuesday April 16, 2013 a group of Cheyney University students went to a live taping of recording artist, author, actor, philanthropist, & business mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jacksons’ promotion of his SMS Audio Headphones at QVC headquarters in nearby West Chester, Pennsylvania. Students Erik Ruffin, Amiyr Crews, Angelique Satchell, Kenneth Owens, Emmanuel Harris, Jamar Lake-Robinson, & Marissa Gibbs accompanied by Cohort Academic Coordinator Sharlah Singh were some of the 100 plus people in attendance.

The trip organized and coordinated by Director of Student Activities Ms. Sharon Thorn provided an opportunity for Cheyney University students to partake in co-curricular activities designed to enrich their academic pursuits. “It was an excellent experience for students” remarked Mr. Singh. “Students not only had an opportunity to see the inner workings of a TV production, but also to ask questions to such an accomplished artist.”
50 Cent was at QVC studios promoting his SMS (Studio Mastered Sound) Audio Headphone line which include in-ear, over-ear, and on ear wired & wireless models. QVC which stands for Quality-Value- Convenience has a reach of over 100 million homes in the United States alone and was founded in 1986 in nearby West Chester, Pennsylvania. 
Student Jamar Lake-Robinson stated that he didn’t realize how close this (QVC studios) was to Cheyney University and how it would be an amazing place for a class visit or possibly an internship. Students also had positive remarks about the SMS Audio Headphones. “The colors and sound quality were amazing” stated Angelique Satchell and Marissa Gibbs. The loudest buzz heard from the audience was for the Cobalt Blue version of his headphones which one student remarked “That’s Cheyney’s color.” 
The highlight of the evening was the Q&A session at the end of production when audience members were given an opportunity to ask questions directly to 50 Cents’. Cheyney University student and aspiring artist Erik Ruffin asked if he could perform for him sometime in the future. “Fifty” invited Erik to perform right there in front of him and the studio audience. Erik took full advantage of displaying some of his talents. Student Angelique Satchell an aspiring artist as well asked about possibly collaborating in the future and being an entrepreneur one day. In his reply, 50 Cent spoke about learning how to promote yourself and to take advantage of opportunities when they are available.  
One of the most poignant moments was when 50 Cent discussed some of his philanthropic endeavors including being involved in different charitable events like the “Make-A-Wish Foundation”, “Feeding America”, and his own “G Unity Foundation” which offer college grants to underprivileged kids. 50 Cent also spoke about his involvement with the UN World Food Program which helped shape his perspective regarding poverty. Summarizing his experience Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson explained that in America we have low income housing, but in Africa there are so many with no housing. There are also people here (America) going hungry, but in Africa there is famine. 
“I was very impressed with everyone today” stated Mr. Singh. “The people at QVC were very nice to our students, and I didn’t realize how socially conscious and responsible 50 Cent really is. Our students also had an opportunity to ask questions directly to an award winning artist and business mogul. How many people can say they have done that?”