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Cheyney University to Retain Accreditation

November 17, 2017

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania has made “significant progress” toward resolving concerns raised by its accrediting agency, and—as a result—its accreditation will be extended for an additional year.
The Middle States Commission on Higher Education notified the university of its decision today, after meeting Thursday with President Aaron A. Walton.

In a letter explaining its action, the commission indicated the university is now in compliance with standards related to planning, resource allocation and administration. The university over the coming year will be required to provide evidence of continued progress in the areas of financial and institutional resources.

The commission noted that Cheyney has demonstrated it has made “significant progress toward the resolution of its non-compliance issues” and is “making a good-faith effort to remedy existing deficiencies.” It further stated that there is “a reasonable expectation that such deficiencies will be remedied within the period of the extension” of the university’s accreditation.
Cheyney will be required to provide a report to the commission by September 2018 demonstrating its progress on the remaining accreditation issues.
“The commission’s decision comes after months and months of hard work by so many students, faculty, staff, trustees and others who have contributed to helping place our university on a stable path,” Mr. Walton said. “While we all pause to recognize this important opportunity, we know that there is much work ahead in order to move the university from probationary status to regular status. That is our next goal, and I am convinced we will achieve it too.”

Mr. Walton joined the university in May, shortly after Middle States delivered an order to “show cause” as to why Cheyney’s accreditation should not be withdrawn. The university’s accreditation had been on probationary status for nearly two years at the time.
“President Walton has taken charge of this great institution and has made important changes that will guide us into the future on a firm, clear course,” said Robert N. Bogle, chair of the university’s Council of Trustees. “We are so proud of this accomplishment today, but we also realize there is still more work to do. As a council, we are committed to supporting President Walton and seeing our plan through to success.”
Mr. Walton, in a message to the Cheyney community, assured students especially that the commission’s decision to extend the university’s accreditation is an indication that the institution is moving in the right direction.
“We are here to help you attain your career and educational goals. You are the reason we exist, and we will never forget that,” he said.
Faculty and staff will be important partners in the university’s continuing efforts to regrow the institution, Mr. Walton said. “We need your energy and insights to move us to the next level,” the president added in his campuswide message.
“It has taken many hands and many hearts to get us here today,” Mr. Walton said. “To our supporters and the community at large, let me say, ‘thank you.’ You have stood by this venerable institution for nearly two centuries—through times of trial and triumph. We ask that you continue to stand with us.

“Your investment of time and treasure is reaping great rewards, as evidenced by the young lives this university is shaping every day.”
The university will continue addressing the remaining issues identified by Middle States in order to secure accreditation beyond the current probationary period. Updates will be provided to the accrediting body, the Council of Trustees and the Board of Governors and chancellor of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education as progress is made.
For more information, contact Ramona Dixon, Executive Associate to the President, at (610) 399-2220.