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KHA’s “Grad School 101” Workshops Teach CU Students How to Navigate the Graduate Application Process

February 6, 2018

Grad School 101 Presented by KHA Director Nicole RayfieldAt Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and other academic institutions worldwide, the spring term surfaces feelings of hope, renewal and opportunity. Yet, for many juniors and graduating seniors, it can also bring out the fear and anxiety associated with the graduate school application process. 

In the first of a two-part series on grad school prep, entitled “Grad School 101,” Keystone Honors Academy (KHA) Director Nicole Rayfield presented an hour-long presentation on how to craft a compelling personal statement.  The workshop was held on January 30. Thirty-six students attended and learned a simplified process to write an essay.

“These workshops are critical to supporting our students’ candidacy for grad school. Many of them will need to obtain an additional degree or two in order to remain competitive in their respective field.  I’ve no doubt that the students will do well once admitted – rather, the goal of these sessions is to help students navigate the process so that they have a stronger chance of getting in.  Our hope is that more and more students will apply to qualifying Bond-Hill programs and that these workshops will demystify the process,” said Rayfield (pictured right).

Attendees of the workshop stressed that they enjoyed the presentation’s format, the simplicity of the instruction and the opportunity to practice writing their essay.  Copies of the presentation were sent to each attendee and will be made available on the KHA website.

The second installment of "Grad School 101" Prep will be held at 6pm on Tuesday, February 6, in the UPS Room of the New Residence Hall (LLC).

(Photo courtesy of Veronica Lynn Becerra)