About the CIDI & Contact information

 About the CIDI 

The Center for Instructional Design and Digital Innovation is funded by a Title III grant, and is the main means through which distance education is supported at the University.  This is achieved through:

  1. Creating an environment which facilitates the development of distance learning instruction and learning
  2. Encouraging faculty participation in distance learning initiatives and providing assistance and support in the development of courses, course materials, and the use of appropriate learning technologies
  3. Collaborating with faculty to craft courses that reflect their own teaching and learning philosophies while considering new technologies and inventive teaching and learning methods.
  4. Promoting research-based best teaching practices to support the scholarship of teaching and learning
  5. Monitoring new ideas and trends in teaching, learning, and higher education to ensure Center personnel remain up to date in current pedagogical thinking.

Goals of the Center

  1. Supporting the expansion of distance education beyond general education courses to fully online programs
  2. Building capacity and infrastructure for the creation of distance education programs by creating an instructional design team consisting of audio/video specialists, graphic design specialists, and web design specialists.
  3. Develop/Improving services for students who take distance education courses from Cheyney University
  4. Expanding access to Cheyney University courses to a wider range of constituents including lifelong learners and degree completion adult learners.


Leslie Pinkney Hill Library
Phone: (610) 399-2588


Coordinator: Linda Brawner, M.ED
Email: DistanceEd@cheyney.edu