Instructional Design Support

 What is instructional design?

Smith and Ragan (1999) define instructional design as “a systematic and reflective process of translating principles of learning and instruction into plans for instructional materials, activities, information resources, and evaluation.” Instructional designers draw on theories and practices from the fields of education, psychology and communication.

 What instructional design support is available at Cheney?

With this background, an instructional designer can assist you in designing, developing and revising engaging and interactive online, blended, or face-to-face courses. An instructional designer from the Instructional Design and Innovation Center can consult with you confidentially to discuss your course design and development.

Some of the options for instructional design support are:

• Re-conceptualizing face-to-face courses for online or online hybrid delivery
• Developing appropriate technology-based formative and summative assessments
• Planning cooperative, collaborative assignments and activities
• Choosing appropriate educational technologies and developing online course materials to enhance teaching and learning
• Designing and testing an easily navigable course site
• Revising and redesigning existing online courses
• Testing a course site for usability and functionality, including cross-browser and cross-platform testing
• Suggestions based on current research in educational technology and online learning

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