Craig T. Welburn (1971)

Entrepreneur Craig T. Welburn (1971) is one of Cheyney University’s distinguished alumnus. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from CU where he majored in secondary education and social science, Craig went onto attain a master's degree in management from Central Michigan University.

Welburn’s early career included ten years in management at New Jersey Bell before purchasing his first McDonald's restaurant in Philadelphia in May of 1983. By June of 2001, he purchased twenty-five McDonald's restaurants in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area and is currently the owner/operator of twenty-eight restaurants.

Welburn and his family are the largest African-American McDonald's franchise owners in the world. Their franchises have an annual gross sales of $60 million per year and serve over 11 million customers per year. They are in the top one percent of all McDonald's franchisees in the United States.

Welburn presently employs over 1,500 people. He is extremely proud that three of his former managers are presently owner/operators of McDonald's restaurants. Mentoring is serious business for Welburn as is his desire for his employees to attain the highest education level they can. Welburn offers college and book scholarships to his employees in order to achieve their career goals.

Serving in many McDonald's leadership positions, such as Co-op vice-president, OPNAD representative, on the National Leadership Committee and as Chairman and CEO of the National Black McDonald's Owner-Operator Association, Welburn has helped increase the number of African-American owned restaurants in the McDonald's system by 40%. He also aided in the number of African-Americans becoming suppliers, purveyors and contractors in the McDonald's system.

Welburn has also served on the board of directors for the United Way, Boy Scouts for America and a host of other community based organizations. He has received the very prestigious McDonald's Ronald Award and has received the Business of the Year Award in Philadelphia and Dale City, Virginia. He was twice named the Council of Spanish Speaking Organization's "Honorary Citizen of the Year." In addition, Welburn makes the time to be a devoted husband, father of four, and grandfather of two beautiful girls and a little boy.