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Difference between a PO and Spc 

Purchase Order ( PO) - A purchase order is a legally binding document and is used as an independent purchasing
document to obtain commodities, or as an “ordering” document used against an existing contract (e.g. state
contract or blueback).
Service Purchase Contract (SPC) - A service purchase contract is a legally binding document and is generally used to obtain straightforward purchases of services. Services that involve many detailed terms and conditions are procured using a blue-back contract.
The SPC document requires that all parties to the agreement sign it. The contract is sent to the vendor for signature, and then the University Contracting Officer signs it. If the agreement is of a higher dollar threshold additional State System signatures are also required.
Listed below are a few examples of service purchases that would apply under this section.
  • Consultants or External Reviewers 
  • Speakers or Entertainers
  • Outside Coaches & Athletic Officials for Athletic Camps 
  • Models
  • Equipment Maintenance/Repairs 
  • Annual Inspectins and Preventative maintenance 
  • Bus Trips 
  • Photographers 
  • Interpreters 
  • Leases
NOTE: No one is authorized to sign any agreements on behalf of Cheyney University other than the University's Contracting Officers. Any University faculty or staff member entering into contracts either verbally or by signing an agreement without the proper authorization may be held personally liable for the cost of the service