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How to Instructions 

Please refer to the subcategories of this page for guidence on procurement services such as purchasing commodities, purchasing services, consultant/speaker request, requisitions, travel request, and SAP training guides

The general process for the procurement of any good/services is 

  1. Get quote for goods/services
  2. Create REQ in SAP 
  3. PO/SPC is generated form the REQ (Purchasing function)
  4. Goods are recieve or service is rendered
  5. Vendor sends a copy of the invoice to
  6. Invoice is signed by requester
  7. Invoice is processed by A/P
  8. Payment is made to vendor based on established paynment terms. Standard terms for the university are Net 30, after the invoice is signed by the requester. 

This is not meant to be an all inclusive outline of the steps for procuring goods/services. Processes and procedures may be modified or updated from time to time.

For questions or clarification on  the process, please contact the Office of Procurement services at 610-436-1019 (Bob Malone - Purchasing Manager) or 610-436-2705 (Marianne Peffall - Director of Business Services).