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Commonwealth Procurement Code - Act 57 establishes the statutory limitations and provisions for all procurement activities for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All procurement of goods, services, and construction for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education must conform to the policies, procedures and statutory limitations as set forth in Act 57. The provisions of the Act apply to the State System as a state-affiliated entity such as the State System of Higher Education
Adherence to the following policies and conditions apply to all purchases, regardless of dollar amount:
Act 57 - Commonwealth Procurement Code 
Act 188 - Enabling legislation for PASSHE
Board of Governors Policy 1998-04: Procurement of Goods, Services, Supplies, and Construction 
Board of Governors Policy 1990-07-A: Professional Services Contracting
Board of Governors Policy 2010-01-A: Expenditures of Public Funds 
Cheyney University Procurement Policy