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Employee Responsibilities 

 It is each employee's responsibility to:

1.  Ensure that purchase costs are reasonable. Employees must take whatever action is necessary to
   ensure the reasonableness of costs, including, as a minimum, the comparison of pricing from more
   than one vendor. 
2.  Obtain purchase order, contract and change order authorization from Procurement Services before
   committing the University 
3. Adhere to the Principles of Public Notice (where applicable), including responsiveness (satisfying the
    objectives and policies of the University while promoting community understanding of purchasing
    procedures and requirements), accountability, fairness and openness to all firms or individuals
    seeking economic business opportunities at the University. 
4. Protection of public funds as if they are your own. All purchases are subject to public scrutiny and
    audits by authorities. 
5. Maintain records for audit. 
6. Report inappropriate purchase or contracting activities to the Contracting Officer. 
7. Comply with the University’s Right to Know Policy 
8. Adhere to General Ethical Standards, which include: 
- No attempt to realize personal gain 
- Avoid conflict of interest (or appearance of same) 
- No improper use of confidential information