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Purchases Greater than $19,100

When the cost for a single good or related series of goods and for any services with a dollar value greater than $19,000 requires competative bidding. Competative bids must be documented. Documentation can be by some form of formal written bid. contracting officers will determine the approriate form of bidding by evaluating the complexity or nature of the purchase.


Exceptions to Competative Bidding

Exceptions include, but are not limited to

1. Contracts funded by federal funds or private donations regardless of the amount. 

Bidding will not be solicited for commodities or services purchased from Commonwealth contracts, State System of Higher Education Contracts (PASSHE) through public agencies such as the Penssylvania Institute for the Blind and Handicapped (PIBH/Unique Source), or other commonwealth agencies. 

2. Purchases from the Department of General Services’ master contracts by use of a purchase order.

3. Contracts where the contractor is the sole source of the requested service.