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Vendor INformation

General Vendor Information

When the Purchasing Department procures supply/equipment, a University Purchase Order is issued to the appropriate vendor. The vendor will either deliver or ship the item to the University Shipping & Receiving Department. At that time the vendor will issue an invoice to bill the University for the total cost of the item including any associated shipping/handling costs necessary to deliver the item to the University. All invoices submitted must indicate the Purchase Order or Service Contract number.

All invoice documents are to be sent to:

Accounts Payable Department

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

201 Carter Drive--Suite 200

West Chester, PA 19383


E-mail invoices to


To insure the timely processing of payments all invoices should be directed to the Accounts Payable Department and should reference either the 10 digit Purchase Order or Service Contract number.

Who to contact for more information

Please contact any of the Accounts Payable Department employees below for information regarding invoices. Any staff member will be able to answer your call for information, clarification or payment status.

AP Manager Nicole Bobbert - 610-430-5654
AP Fiscal Technician Roxanne Hilton-Peace - 610-738-0509
AP Fiscal Technician Anne Howett - 610-436-2176
AP Card Systems Administrator Elizabeth Kanaras - 610-436-2602
AP Fiscal Technician Zachary Shea - 610-436-2924