Internship process


Student Application Process for Academic Credit

The process to identify, apply and secure an Internship/Field Experience may take up to one complete semester, please plan in advance.

Step 1
Students begin the process by doing any of the following:
  • Visiting the Center for Career and Professional Development
  • Talking to an Internship Coordinator or your academic department
  • Asking your professor
Step 2

Once you have secured your Internship/Field Experience, schedule a meeting with an Internship Coordinator.

  • Receive a syllabus outlining and governing grading requirements
  • Understand the number of credits to be assigned
  • Understand the process for registration and payment of credits
  • (The departmental coordinator will register the students for the internship class.  Students are not able to register themselves for this class)
Step 3

Download, print and sign a copy of the Cheyney Student Agreement

Step 4

Download, print and have the employer sign the University Employer Affiliation Agreement (if one does not already exist)