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Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework, "Reflective Decision Makers Who Are Collaborative and Effective Practitioners" undergirds all professional education programs offered within the education and leadership studies department, and is rooted in the basic tenets of the University's and the School of Education and Professional Studies' mission, goals and objectives.

Required coursework and field experiences contribute to the development of reflective educators who are able to make wise decisions when planning, implementing and evaluating instruction to promote learner growth and development.

Faculty members in the Education and Leadership Studies Department believe that educators who are prepared to make well-informed appropriate decisions when working with children and youth are more likely to promote their students’ learning, growth and development.

Department Goals

  1. To equip candidates with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to think critically about pedagogy, subject matter, and the needs and backgrounds of all learners;
  2. To prepare candidates who are able to choose appropriate content, adapt teaching approaches as needed, remain current to guide instructional decisions, and assess their effectiveness;
  3. To prepare candidates who are empowered to make significant and creative decisions that impact the lives of children and youth; prepare teacher candidates who understand the theories underlying the education process;
  4. To prepare candidates who understand the importance of attitudes in the education process; expose candidates to numerous opportunities to practice effective strategies; and
  5. To develop in candidates the ability to make judgements about the performance of learners and about their own performance.