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Certification PROCESS

ALL certification applicants will need to complete their application online through TIMS.

Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has launched a new Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) to collect and manage data related to professional educators.  TIMS also incorporates an online certification process that has replaced the Teacher Certification System (TCS).

  • Please allow 8 weeks for application processing once all needed documentation has been received by PDE.
  • Paper applications are NO LONGER required or accepted. TIMS does require that some proof items be mailed to PDE with the cover sheet.

We highly recommend that you keep a copy of EVERYTHING you send to PDE.

You must be a registered PDE site user before accessing the TIMS application. 
Go to the Pennsylvania Department of Education website to register. 
You will find additional resources on PDE's website that will guide you through the online certification process.
TIMS is active and ready for use. Click here to access TIMS.
(Download initial set up instructions How to access TIMS)