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Projects in Development or Construction




New Science Center--Carver Science Center Rehab/New Construction DGS-403-82 – This $21,000,000 project for design was to provide renovation or replacement of the existing Carver Science Center. The Professional selection process was completed in May 2009 by the DGS Office with the “Best Value” process selection of Minority Professional firm Cueto-Kearney Inc. of Swarthmore Pa. The first phase feasibility study was completed in October 2009 which recommended new construction. Preliminary design submittal was received in March 2010. The new construction activities will lead to a state of the future 39,000 square foot replacement facility adjacent Harris-Turner Center. Application for LEED Silver certification has been submitted for approval. The University has approved all design documents. An additional supplement has been requested and approved for possible selective demolition of the existing site. Final documents were approved in August with pre-proposal meeting held in October, with bids due “Best Value Proposal due in November 2011. Construction planned for 2012. Best Value activities have completed and award for construction was made in March 2012.Construction started April 5, 2012 and run for approx. 465 days. Opening scheduled for September 2014.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Renovation (WWTP) Design DGS-403-80 – The approved and released $7,000,000 project is for design and construction of a new Waste Water Treatment Plant. Professional qualifications were requested in February of 2009. Selection of the Professional by DGS took place in May 2009. The design will provide a new “membrane batch reactor” type plant, on university property for continued contract operations. The first Professional for the project was CMX of Exton Pennsylvania using 25% minority design assistance from Polaris Engineering and American Geotechnical Services. CMX ceased doing business as of March of 2010 and Pennoni Engineering was selected from the original short list as their replacement and they have received a new work order. Current studies indicate sand filtration or Dual Train SBR design may be the most efficient application. The original schedule for the $5,625,000 construction project has been modified with design development drawings approved September 2011. Final plans and specifications were received in Feb 2012 but required allocation coordination. Based on the allocation estimate provided, demolition of unused tankage will be bid as alternate consideration. The existing plant is being operated by Aqua Water of America of Bryn Mawr, Pa. under contract to the University. Final design changes and specifications are due in April 2012 for bidding thereafter. The University submitted PADEP Permit Notice, Delaware County Erosion Control Plan and Zoning Permit Applications in late march 2012 in anticipation of bid release request. Thornbury Township Chester County submitted a new 537 Plan which will allow connection to the new plant for 31 homes on College Hill Drive. Recent Board approval of a Cheyney-Thornbury agreement allows the project to move forward. This partnership will enhance system operations when school is not in session. The WWTP Project is fully coordinated with new permit as of August 2012 and is ready for release as of October 2012. Licenses and inspection review is currently underway.

Browne Hall Renovation – DGS-403-83 This 4.2 million dollar project which is DGS delegated renovates 10,300 square feet of building space on the historic Cheyney University quadrangle. The building is currently un-occupied and houses parts of the data center demark which will be addressed as part of the renovation. The building when completed will be used to supplement housing for eighteen non-traditional and foreign students. A request for project action was issued and Kelly Maiello has been selected as the Professional. Drawings for preliminary design-development were received and approved in August 2011. Kelly Maiello has completed feasibility and pre-final drawings are due in April 2012. The drawings have been received and were approved at the review meeting. The approved roof and front column inspections were done in October 2012 and removal of attic insulation was required for further drawing repair detail to avoid change order potential. Final design documents due in December 2012 which will include roof repair work.

Demolition of Under Utilized Buildings and Space Utilization Study Completion. DGS-403-84. The 2.4 million projects involve review of building utilization, demolition of Waring Hall, Lower Garages, Smedley Cottage, Ellis Plant Stack, Plant Boilers and unused campus pump houses. and other recommendations as well as the provision of a revision to the Campus Master Plan. Professional selections were submitted in August 2011. Kelly Maiello of Philadelphia was the selected Professional. Demolition activity is expected in spring 2013. The executed contract with the Profession was completed in late April 2012. All affected areas will be returned to green space. The program sketch drawings were approved subject to the addition of the removal of the three underground storage tanks as part of the project. Space Utilization studies were completed in October 2012 including campus interviews for a report recommendation of further demolitions. The final repost is pending receipt, however a draft report was provided to tactical committee member in December 2012 Hazmat survey of all sites currently in progress. Structures added after space studies include lower garages, Smedley Cottage and miscellaneous well pump houses.



Campus Project Updates

Waste Water Treatment Plant Bidding: Proposals received in March, with award in late May 3013. The University and Department of General Services has reviewed and approved the bid scope and funds cover 100% of based bid design. The University has received and accepted new DEP/EPA discharge requirements and the new plant design will exceed those standards. Chemical will be added to existing design for compliance to new regulations, until plant completion.

Energy Savings Project (ESCO): NORESCO has completed the project with all boiler systems and energy management systems on line and savings continue to accrue. Part of the savings has been committed to a maintenance, measurement, debt service, and verification program to assure future performance. In concert with this project, PECO Utility electric rate caps expired in January 2011, the University/PASSHE awarded new utility pricing agreements in January 2011 for new service for the next two years. The savings are in excess of $1.5 Mil overall annually which has been exceeded. Grant Applications submitted for additional PECO Utility incentives were received in May 2011 ($86,000) and July 2011 ($46,000) which was applied to scholarships, deferred maintenance and debt service. Another $4,600 of incentive dollars were received in March 2013.

Safety & Security Project: The subject project has been 100% completed. Site modifications to Public Safety remain to be completed. A Professional Security Consultant completed a campus survey in September 2011 to provide a uniform solution for viewing all cameras with priority on exterior, interior, point-of-sale, time-of-day, scheduled, and alarm views. Phase one recommendations were started September 2011. More than 65 cameras are included in the new student housing project. Additional cameras have been added in business control areas and a study was completed in October for camera performance enhancements. A supplemental project to upgrade the fiber optic system is in process with the addition of 21 new cameras in the New Science Project. Included herein were repairs to Biddle Hall McKnight Rodgers Center and Biddle Hall Systems.

Facilities Work Orders: Completed work orders for the quarter which totaled more than 224 requests. 70 percent of the requests were in Residence Life, with 25% on Grounds tasks and the balance on E&G spaces. Grounds tasks continue to be impacted or delayed by the high rainfall (24 inches over the three month period) experienced in the area. Herbicide application was completed on 80% of the campus in Spring 2013, with the next application in the late Summer of 2013. Included in these activities is Commencement Support.

Damage Repair to Campus Building Systems caused by off campus lighting strike and campus reverse current and over-voltage: Damages were extensive ($304,000) for chiller repairs at Biddle Hall, Carver Center and L.P. Hill Library, including primary switchgear. Damage claims were submitted to the State self-insured policy group with approval to make repairs, and submit for reimbursement. Repairs are complete on all listed damage sites and reimbursement approval was received in May 2013 in the amount of $304,000.00.

Melrose House Interior Renovation: Department of Interior and the National Park Service have reimbursed payment for 10% of design with the balance of the funds reimbursed for construction. A fire alarm system was installed for historic structure protection until additional funds are raised for project completion.

Browne Hall Renovation Planning: The Professional has completed pre-final design drawings for review. Review of the estimate is currently under review with new roof and column work added to the scope.

Home Depot Grant: Initiation of grant documents and site implementation of second tier project for beautification of landscape at Melrose, Main Entrances and Quadrangle.

New Residence Hall Sprinkler Damage Recovery and Restoration: Two incidents which total more than $60,000 were restored to allow continued use of the building w/ code compliance. This included Carnegie Hall.

Cope Hall Natatorium Repair Project: Catastrophic failure of the pool pumping system caused $30,000 of damage to boiler and other electrical equipment. Repair was affected which allowed the pool to be re-opened for the semester.

Sanitary System Improvements: Agreement with Thornbury Township Chester County for diversion of waste stream from failing in ground cesspool to the University WWTP which enabled a balanced bacteria stream throughout the year. Tis reduced operating cost and bacteria substitutes. The agreement is also income producing in nature. Included in the effort were high pressure clean out of sanitary mains.

Enhanced Emergency Power Maintenance: All generator set have block heaters and exercise timers installed. Those that could be converted to natural gas have been completed in the spring of 2013

Locking System Upgrade: Over time the locking system lose their patient protection and make them venerable to copy infringement. Lock systems at Marian Anderson, Truth Hall, King Hall and Humphreys Hall have been converted to 7 pin S-2 Patented System locks.

LED Light Replacements building exterior lighting revisions. Included in this effort is completed design of a Quadrangle Light Grounding Project.

Roof Systems Annual Inspections: Completion of the roof inspection for slate roofing installed at Biddle, Burleigh, Emlen Hall Carnegie and Dudley Halls. This include gutter cleaning and inspections along with remedial painting and tree removal after hurricane Sandy. Repairs were made to other Modified roof systems at Cope, Vaux Hall and Foster Student and Alumni Center.

Primary Electrical Gear 4160 volts Distribution: these systems (dual) received service, re-fusing and cleaning by certified electrical contractor with infrared scan schedule for the month of June.

Demolition of Under-Utilized Facilities Planning and Master Plan Update: Master Planning was not allowed by the Department as part of this project. However Laura Wheeler Waring Hall & Hazmat Contents, Ellis Plant Smoke Stack, Ellis Plant Contents, Lower Garages, Pump House A, Pump House B and the Cheyney Road Cottage are approved for demolition. The demolitions approved by the Pa. Historic Museum Commission will return and un-used building to green space with consideration for Laura Waring commemoration. Recommendations came initially for the Building and Grounds Committee under the Governance Structure. The project required campus-community participation. The Project is set to Bid in May/June 2013. A second phase conserving the balance of the allocation has been approved by the Department. The initial project value is 1.95 Million dollars.

Building Monitoring System Implementation: With the significant reduction in staff, facilities must continue to keep up with maintenance and repairs and provide a suitable learning environment. The existing buildings (1938 to 1983) have been connected to a campus network and intranet monitoring and control system located in the Facilities Building. The New Residence hall added 230 more point to this system an completion of the New Science Center will add another 400 points of critical monitoring for fume hood, environmental, and exhaust systems control. Review of this information in the early morning hours and late afternoon provides recovery before many of the concerns are known and reported by the occupants. Better control of the learning environment is the outcome.