NOTE: Some items are facsimilies: digital images, photocopies, microfilm, etc.

I. CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY RECORDS (1832 - present) As the nation's oldest African-American institution of higher education, Cheyney University has an extensive legacy worthy of research. Current Record Groups available:

RG1 Council of Trustees (Board of Managers), 1832 - 1932
RG2 Office of the President (Principal), 1904 - 25
RG6 Publications/Programs, 1861 -
RG7 Photographs, c.1905 -
RG8 Artifacts/Memorabilia, 1905 -
RG9 Clippings/Scrapbooks, 1930 -

II. WILLIAM H. DORSEY SCRAPBOOK COLLECTION (c. 1850 - 1900) Nearly 400 homemade scrapbooks compiled by William Henry Dorsey, a black bibliofile, at the turn of the century. Subjects include African Americans, Africa/Africans, Native Americans, Politics, Religion, Art, etc. Most of the scrapbooks have been preserved on microfilm (currently 28 reels). Index of microfilm.

III. WILLIAM H. DORSEY MANUSCRIPT COLLECTION (c. 1850 - 1900) A series of correspondence, obituaries and newspaper articles from or about nearly one thousand friends, associates and interesting persons collected by Dorsey. "Interesting persons" includes individuals such as Lucretia Mott and Richard T. Greener. Index of manuscripts.

IV. WILLIAM H. DORSEY PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION (c. 1850 - 1900) A miscellaneous collection of photographs found among the Dorsey scrapbook and manuscript collections. Index of photographs.

V. ARTWORK AND PRINT COLLECTION (1915 - ) This is an artificial collection of paintings and artwork donated or loaned by alumni and friends. Includes works by Laura Wheeler Waring, Reba Dickerson Hill, John T. Harris and others.

VI. BOOK AND PAMPHLET COLLECTIONS (1700 - 1950) Ethnic Collection; Ethnic Glass Case Collection; Rare Book Collection

VII. SOCIETY OF FRIENDS AFRICAN-AMERICAN CHARITIES COLLECTION (1770 - 1945) The Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends (Quakers) were involved in numerous charitable activities concerning African Americans for more than two hundred years. These records illustrate some of these activities. All records are on microfilm. Index of microfilm.

VIII. CHEYNEY FAMILY/THORNBURY COUNTY COLLECTION (1970 - 1990) A small, miscellaneous collection of information concerning the Cheyney Family Cemetery and surrounding area.

IX. BOOKER T. WASHINGTON LETTERS (1902 - 1913) This collection contains more than 50 letters sent by Professor (and Missus) Washington to the early Principals of Cheyney. Washington was a major influence in shaping Cheyney's early educational policies.

X. LESLIE PINCKNEY HILL PAPERS (pre-1900 - 1961) For 38 years Leslie Pinckney Hill served Cheyney University as both principal and its first president. Graciously donated by his family, this collection of personal papers, photographs, and memorabilia illustrates his charitable activities and family life.

XI. CARL E. SMITH COLLECTION, (c. 1870-1880) Donated by Carl E. Smith, this collection consists of a bible and eleven photographs. One of which is that of Octavius V. Catto, martyred Institute for Colored Youth educator.