What is on each level

Main Level                                          Upper Level                            Lower Level
Reference Collection                          Call numbers A — NX              Call numbers P — Z
Public Service Desk                             Ethnic Collection                    Juvenile Collection
Computers for Library users                Govt. Documents (paper)        Paper Card Catalog
   (post renovation)                             Exhibit Area                           Computers
Current Periodicals                             Computers                             (Fall 2016)
    (post renovation)                            (Fall 2016)                   
Archives Reading Room
COPIER: Is on the Main Level parallel to the Circulation/Reserve Desk. Copies are for academic purposes only.  Please do not make more copies than are needed!
REST ROOMS: Rest rooms are on all three Levels near the stairs. The Men’s Room is behind the stairwell; the Ladies’ Room is around the corner from the stairs, opposite the elevator.