New Mister and Miss Cheyney and Other Royalty Crowned

April 19, 2016

The new 2016-17 Miss Cheyney, Anitra Jackson, and Mister Cheyney 2016-17, Shaquille Harrison, receive cheers and applause Sunday night.

The new 2016-17 Miss Cheyney, Anitra Jackson, and Mister Cheyney 2016-17, Shaquille Harrison, receive cheers and applause Sunday night.

Fans of all ages came to the 2016 Mister and Miss Cheyney Pageant on Sunday night. Seats in the Marion Anderson Music Center were filled with the little Princesses in Bloom in glittering little crowns, party dresses and black patent leather shoes. Cheyney alumni, faculty, staff, proud parents and extended family also attended. The evening was not only a showcase of Cheyney’s best talent and fashion but also a reunion, celebration and long-standing tradition.

Emcees, Miss Legend Melodee Montgomery and Mister Legend Christian Altamariano, graciously welcomed the audience and introduced the Pageant contestants and other performers throughout the evening.

An opening presentation by the Iconic Modeling Group warmed up the audience with a fast-paced fashion showcase. Music was in the air, with Miss Legend ’15 Kara Craig’s cool acapella song and Quiyym Saunders, Sr., the proud father of Mister Cheyney 2015, performed a warm and loving rendition of Share My Life by Kem. Other talented guests appeared on stage, including dramatic presentations by former Miss Cheyney, India Cross, and former Miss Cheyney, Kristan Justice.

Greetings were brought by Student Government Association President Cree Encarnacion and Vice President for Student Affairs and Leadership Development Dr. J. Michael Harpe, and Student Activities Director Sharon Thorn welcomed the audience.

Campus Living Assistant Curtis Word received a surprise special tribute when he was invited to the stage, seated on a satin throne and crowned as an Honorary Mister Cheyney. Stunned by the surprise gesture he remarked, “When I was a student here, there was no Mister Cheyney!”

The program’s talent portion included Shaneka Briggs’ soulful rendition of “Blackbird,” Aliyah Muhammad’s essay, “Queen,” Anitra Jackson’s graceful dance performance to “Journal” by Passe J, and Cara Fantini’s inspiring original song, “Rejoice.” Mister Cheyney contestant talents included Isaiah Dixon’s inspirational poem, “Two Sets of Notes” by MK Assante, Nigel Wiley’s reading of “I am still here” by Langston Hughes, and Shaquille Harrison’s dramatic rendition of Daniel Beatty’s “Knock Knock.”

The Fashion Wear and Question portion followed. Muhammad went first in a glittering yellow head scarf and empire-style dress, followed by Briggs in a brilliant African print dress, Jackson in a sparkling royal blue dress, and Fantini in a dramatic black lace dress. Dixon, Wiley, and Harrison graciously modeled their suits and answered questions, about their ideas for future student and University initiatives, with poise and insight.

The evening closed with a poignant Final Walk on stage by 2015 Mister Cheyney Quiyiim Saunders and Miss Cheyney Takerah Jordan.

In the end, Anitra Jackson was crowned Miss Cheyney 2016-17 and Shaquille Harrison was named Mister Cheney 2016-17. Both were joined by the new Mister and Miss Legend, Nigel Wiley and Cara Fantini, and the new Mister and Miss Blue and White, Isaiah Dixon and Shaneka Briggs.

Surrounded by excited friends and family members, the contestants cradled their trophies and bouquets, hugged and kissed one another, and made way to the reception to celebrate a beautiful and memorable night.