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Disabilities Act (ADA)/504 Policy

Documentation Requirements

Individuals with disabilities are guaranteed certain protections and rights of equal access to programs and services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The specific nature and severity of the disability and any functional limitations that may result determine compensatory services or reasonable accommodation to assist a student with a disability. Individuals requesting a reasonable accommodation should provide Cheyney University with information that documents the need for the accommodation and suggests how the effects of the disability might be accommodated. Specific questions regarding documentation requirements should be addressed to the Office of Social Equity, Wade Wilson Building .

Documentation of Disabilities Other Than Learning Disabilities

A student must submit an assessment report that:

Is completed by a qualified professional such as a medical doctor or licensed psychologist and/or psychiatrist;
contains the evaluator's name and title, assessment date, age of the student, or employee and grade level;
contains current information (usually not more than a few years old); and
identifies the disability and describes the limits it imposes.
Documentation of Learning Disabilities, Including Attention Deficit Disorder

A psychological, psycho-educational or neuropsychological evaluation that:

  • Is completed by a licensed and/or certified professional qualified to diagnose learning disabilities and offer recommendations;
  • contains the evaluator's name, and title, testing date, and student's age and grade level;
  • is based on a battery of instruments that address aptitude, academic achievement, and information processing (Attention Deficit Disorder/HD diagnosis must be based on DSM-IV criteria);
  • include test scores, other relevant data, and interpretations;
  • clearly states the basis of the diagnosis of a learning disability;
  • recommends a reasonable accommodation; and
  • explains the connection between the recommendation, accommodation, and assessment results.

Specific Requests Made to the Social Equity Officer

Requests for a Reasonable Accommodation

  • After a student has established a physical or learning disability, the Office of Social Equity will serve as the student's representative to arrange reasonable accommodations. This will be accomplished by working with the appropriate service provider and the social equity officer to arrange a reasonable accommodation, which may include: assigned note takers to classes, tutorial assistance, alternative testing arrangements, classroom and living accommodations, devices for the hearing impaired, readers for the visually impaired, and early registration.

Academic Support Services

  • Academic support services available to all students at Cheyney University include: academic and career counseling, access to the writing clinic, participation in study skills, time management and learning skills workshops; Mentoring is also provided.