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John Celley Health and safety committee



The Health and Safety Committee is responsible for:
(a) making recommendations concerning the Health and Safety of the university
(b) ensuring that Health and Safety are priorities for the
university and
(c) submitting its recommendations for changes in policies and
procedures to the Finance and Administration Council


The Health and Safety Committee shall be composed of persons
representing the following offices, organizations and groups:
Director of Public Safety (Co-Chair)                   
Director of Physical Facilities (Co-Chair)            
Athletic Director                                               
Special Assistant to the Provost/Director of Academic Advising
APSCUF Representative
SCUPA Representative
AFSCME Representatives (2)
SPFPA Representative
Risk Manager or Director of Human Resources
Student Representatives (2)



safety Committee members


 Director of Facilities Management and Planning (Co-Chair)
LAWRENCE RICHARDS, Chief of Police, Cheyney Police Department (Co-Chair)
RUFFIN BELL, Director of Athletics
SCOTT UDERMAN –Trainer – Athletic Department
Director of Health Services/Physician
Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner
APSCUF Representative
SCUPA Representative
AFSCME Representative
SPFPA Representative
JOANNE HARRIS - Director of Human Resources