Room Assignments

Rooms are assigned to the resident for the semester or academic year as requested by the resident. The assignment is not transferable by the resident. All rooms will be double occupancy, except for the suite style housing. The Housing Office makes efforts to assign rooms based on the compatibility of individuals by known lifestyle preferences as the resident may state whenever possible.

However, the Housing Office reserves the right to make necessary reassignments (including but not limited to, community, roommate behavior issues and judicial reassignments), as this agreement guarantees a space only and not the specific assignment. Assignments are made without regard to ancestry, race, national origin, age, religion, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation, etc. The Housing Office may cancel the agreement or change the assignment of any student who does not officially check into the residence hall within 48 hours of the hall’s opening in both the Fall and Spring semester. Such students shall continue to be bound to all terms and conditions, including all charges and fees, set forth in this agreement.

In consideration of this assignment, the resident agrees to pay the University the sum specified each semester by the University. Unauthorized changes in assignments by residents will result in applicable University action, including but not limited to a return to the original assignment. The University does not have housing for married students with their spouses or for students with children or dependents.