check-out procedures

Rooms and suites are not considered vacated until all personal possessions are removed, the key is returned and the room/suite inspection form is completed and signed by the student and the Resident Assistant. In addition, residents are responsible for the removal of all garbage from their rooms/suites. Failure to adhere to this directive will result in charges being assessed to the student’s account for improper check-out, lock changes and/or damages.

When checking out of their assigned spaces, residents will be given the opportunity to review the condition of the room/suite with a Resident Assistant. In order for this process to occur, the resident must schedule a day and time with a staff member in advance of the scheduled move-out day. Identified damages will be billed to the resident. Any discrepancies with damage billing may be appealed in writing to within fifteen (15) days of the billing date.

Residents who are not enrolling at the University and, therefore, not continuing in housing for the following academic term (i.e. Fall, Spring and/or Summer), are required to vacate their assigned space no later than 24 hours following their last exam. In cases where there are less than 24 hours between the last exam and the official closing date/time of the facilities, residents must vacate by the date/time stipulated in the official advertised closing notice. Residents interested in requesting summer housing must complete a Summer Housing Request form during the spring semester and abide by the instructions provided.

The University reserves the right to remove residents and/or charge for occupancy beyond the closing deadline.

Residents who are separated from the University (academic dismissal, withdrawal, etc.) will be granted 24 hours to vacate their room/suites. Residents dismissed from the University for judicial reasons will need to vacate their room and campus by the judicial directed date and time. Failure to do so will result in the student’s belongings being removed and discarded. 

Residents who are not continuing in housing for the Spring term are required to vacate their assigned room/suite no later than 24 hours after their last examination. In cases where there are less than 24 hours between the last examination and the official closing date/time of the facilities, residents must vacate by the advertised date/time stipulated in the official closing notice. After a release is granted by the University, the resident becomes ineligible to remain in their assigned room/suite during break periods since the term of the Student Housing Agreement ends on the official closing date. Students should use the steps below for checkout-procedures:

Check Out Procedures

Step 1: Schedule a Checkout Appointment with your Resident Advisor (RA):

All residents must sign up for a checkout date and time with their RA a week in advance of the halls closing. This appointment must take place no later than 24 hours after your last final exam. Failure to do so may result in an improper checkout fee and/or other fines.

Step 2: Prepare for the RA’s Arrival for the Checkout Appointment:

At the time of the scheduled appointment, the RA will come to your room/suite to conduct a room inspection, making note of any changes in the condition of your room/suite since move in. The RA will also collect your room key, assess the cleanliness of the room/suite, and ask you to sign the "Check Out" portion of your Room/Suite Inventory Form.

All belongings must be removed from the room/suite before the RA arrives. The living area should be cleaned and in good condition. Students are not permitted to return to the residence halls once they checkout. Be advised that they will be considered as trespassing should they be found inside the residence halls. If you fail to schedule a check out appointment with an RA, miss your appointment, or you are not packed and ready to go when your RA arrives, you will be charged a $50 Improper checkout fee.

Charges & Fees:

All students should be advised that a final inspection of your room/suite will take place after all students have vacated the halls. Any concerns that were not noted upon your initial move-out inspection with your RA will be added to your Room Inventory Form. Students will be billed for any such concerns. Students should also review the Student Occupancy Agreement and Room Inventory Form that they completed during check-in as common area damages will be assessed and billed to the appropriate wings, floors, and/or building when applicable.

If the Housing staff is unable to determine which student is responsible for the damages and/or missing item in the room/suite, all students assigned to the room/suite will be charged.

Students will have fifteen (15) business days after the date listed on the billing of charges form to appeal any charges in writing to

The following are charges and fees that will be assessed to students if applicable. Students must make sure that they complete all steps as outlined above to avoid unnecessary charges and fees:

·         Room key not retuned and/or does not work properly - $48

·         Improper Checkout - $60

·         Excessive Cleaning & Removal of Trash - $36 Charged by the hour

·         Excessive Trash & Unwanted Items Discarded in the Residence Hall (carpets, trashed swept in the hall, clothing, food, etc.) $36 Charged by the hour

·         Hole in Wall - $150

·         Painting of Wall - $200

·         New Door - $250

·         Broken Microwave - $400

·         Missing Stool - $130

·         Bedroom Lock - $310

·         Bedroom Door/Hardware  - $275

·         Excessive Lockouts - $25 per occurrence after two lock-outs

·         Charges may be assessed to the room, suite, floor, wing, or building where applicable. Missing Items, Damages and/or Vandalism Charges determined are by Facilities Department

Step 3: Avoid the Rush and Over Crowded Elevators - Plan Ahead:

We encourage you to take home a bulk of your belongings the weekend prior to your final exams. This will likely provide for a faster and more enjoyable move out for you and your parent/guardian.

Step 4: Storage:

Cheyney University does not have storage areas and on-campus summer storage of student possessions is not available. Any personal items left in rooms after closing will be considered abandoned property and will be removed and discarded at the expense of the resident.

Step 5: Parking and Loading:

Students and their families are encouraged to load their vehicles quickly, vacate the campus, and to allow for others to do the same. Cars should not be left unattended and in front of any residence hall and/or on campus loaded with belongings.

Step 6: Communicate with Your Parent/Guardian About Move Out:

All students must plan ahead and communicate with their parent/guardian regarding the time of their scheduled move out, their estimated arrival to campus, move out plans, etc. As a reminder, be sure to check all areas of your room to include cabinets, drawers, desks, under your bed, on top of the closets, etc.