check-in procedures

Students who arrive on campus on Move-In Day should follow the following procedures:

1.    New students will need to obtain their CU ID card from the Information Technology Office located on the 1st floor of the Vaux Logan building. Returning students should do the same if they have misplaced their CU ID card prior to Move-In Days.

2.    All students who have completed the enrollment process will be allowed to go directly to the Housing Office to show proof of completed enrollment process, receive their key and proceed to assigned residence hall once they have obtained their CU ID card. Public Safety and University staff will direct you as to where you can unload your belongings and where you are permitted to park.

3.    Once you arrive at your assigned residence hall, you will be greeted by a staff member and will need to complete check-in paperwork. Please bring a blue or black pen.

4.    A Resident Advisor will inspect your room/suite to note in damages and/or concerns prior to your arrival to campus.

5.    It will be the students' responsibility to re-inspect the room/suite to ensure that all damages and concerns have been noted on the Room/Suite Inspection Form. Students should add any missed items or concerns to the form(s) and inform their RA.

6.    Move your items into your new room and get settled into your new home. Your RA(s) will stop in to introduce themselves and see if you have any questions.

7.    Move your car to one of the campus parking lots as directed by University staff.

8.    Students should check their room/suite key and CU ID card in all door locks in your building (report problems to a Housing staff member) to make sure that they work properly.

9.    Once you are settled in your room/suite, find the laundry room, lounges, your RA(s) room, information bulletin boards, and hall bathrooms if you are unfamiliar with these locations.

10.  Say, "Hello" to your new neighbors and introduce yourself and "good bye" to those who helped you move in.


All students should begin to get ready for classes!

Should you have any questions and/or require assistance, the University staff will be
available to assist you!