Inspection & common area damages policy

Prior to checking into your room or suite, your RA(s) completed Room Inspection and/or Suite Inspection Forms to assess the condition of your room/suite. It is the residents(s) responsibility to note any missed items and/or concerns on these forms. It is important that all damages are noted on the form(s) to prove that these damages/concerns occurred prior to your occupancy of the room or suite.

You will be billed for all damages that occur in your room or suite during your occupancy there. Therefore, it is extremely important that you and your RA fill out all forms accurately to avoid erroneous billing.

All students are required to complete and sign a Student Housing Agreement and the Room and/or Suite Inspection Form (s). Your signature on these forms indicates that the student agrees not to damage or otherwise alter the condition of the common areas, premises, and/or appropriate furnishings from the public areas of the halls and report immediately any defects or damage. Students can be charged for damages that occur in the residence halls common areas. The Housing staff makes efforts to determine responsibility for common areas damages. When this is not successful, the Housing staff will determine the necessary cost to be assessed to the room, suite, floor, and/or building.

Students are encouraged to take an active role in their living learning community and report any acts of vandalism and/or disruptive behavior to any Housing Operations staff member, Public Safety, and/or any member of the University community. Sharing in community living responsibilities will assist the staff in holding the necessary individuals accountable.

Cheyney University will bill those individual(s) responsible for common area damages and stolen University property when these acts have been confirmed by the outcome of University judicial proceedings.