room change policy

Room Changes

The Housing Office recognizes that living with another individual may be challenging at times. The staff strives to assist all residents with any living learning community concerns by first discussing the concern. It is highly recommend that the resident discuss their concerns with their roommate/suitemate first. Should this prove unsuccessful, residents should proactively contact their RA(s) and provide detailed information as to the concern. Should this prove unsuccessful, the next step is to contact the Housing Office.

If you feel that your situation is an emergency, you must contact the Housing Office to discuss your concerns. 

Unauthorized Room Changes

Room changes without approval from the Housing Office are not permitted. All room changes need to follow proper procedure as approved. Any student who changes rooms or suites without first obtaining the written approval of the Housing Office will immediately be moved back into the originally assigned room/suite and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Consolidation Policy

The University has developed the following policy regarding room consolidation:

1.    The University reserves the right to consolidate two or more students who are occupying standard double rooms privately, or residents of two partially occupied suites.

2.    The University reserves the right to consolidate two students who each sign up individually for a double room on the same floor or in the same residence hall during the Room Selection process.

A student who is required to consolidate will need to do either of the following:

·         Have another approved student in a similar situation move into the unoccupied or unassigned space in their room/suit.

·         Move into an unoccupied or unassigned space in another approved student's room or suite.

·         Students can request a list of approved residents who require consolidation. Students must inform their RA and the Housing Office of their choice as outlined above by the stated deadline.