Health & Safety Inspection & Right of Inspection Policy

Prior to occupancy, a room and/or suite inventory and inspection will be conducted. It must then be validated and signed by the occupant(s). When the student vacates the room/suite, a final inventory and inspection will be conducted and reviewed by the Residence Life staff. It is the student's responsibility to arrange for a proper checkout. Students will be charged for lost University property, pro-rated damages and costs for excessive cleaning and all repairs.

Inspections are to also occur if a student is required to vacate the room/suite for violation of this agreement. The University reserves the right to enter a room/suite during regularly scheduled and unannounced inspection for maintenance, health & safety inspections, repairs, enforcement of University rules and regulations, or in cases of an emergency. Rooms/suites are inspected at the close of the residence halls for University recess/vacations by Housing staff.

Scheduled Health & Safety Inspections will be conducted once per month or as deem necessary. Students will be notified a minimum of 24 hours in advance of when the inspections will occur. Accumulation of bottles, magazines, newspapers, open containers of food, and other items which present a potential fire or health hazard are not permitted. In the event a student allows these items to accumulate, the hazard will be removed from the room/suite by University officials at the student’s expense. At no time should anything be hung from fire suppression sprinklers, smoke detectors and/or ceiling. The University reserves the right to confiscate any illegal or prohibited items found in a student's room/suite.