The possessions or use of any university key and CU UD other than those issued to the resident by a University official is prohibited. Resident students should keep their CU ID and keys with them at all times. Although we do understand that anyone can forget their room key and CU ID, students must also understand that they are responsible for these items.

Students are not permitted to allow another student and/or individual to use their CU ID and/or room key. These items have been issued to you and are for your use only. Providing your CU ID and/or room key to another individual can jeopardize the safety of everyone in the hall, your room, and/or in your suite. IDs may be confiscated for violation of this policy and will only be returned to you after your official meeting with a University official.

Students should report lost, misplaced and/or stolen keys and CU ID cards immediately to a University official.