lockout policy

It is important for you to carry your key with you at ALL times.

Although we do understand that anyone can forget their room key and CU ID, students must also understand that they are responsible for these items.

The University staff cannot perform excessive lockouts for students. As a courtesy to you, the first lockout is FREE. Additional lockouts will incur a lockout fee of $25 that is billed to the students' account and must be paid to the Bursar’s Office to have the “STOP” removed from the students’ account. Students can be referred to the University Judicial Chair on the third lockout. Lockout privileges will be suspended after the third lockout.

Lockouts for students are performed by Public Safety each hour on the hour only. Students must be mindful to carry their key and CU ID with them at all times so that they will not be inconvenienced by waiting for the designated lock out time.

All students should be aware of the following:

1.    Students can be charged for a core change(s) of $48 if they are unable to present their key and/or CU ID (suite-style housing) when requested by a University official.

2.    Lockout privileges will be terminated after excessive use of lockouts (3 times per semester).

Under no circumstances should your room or suite be left unlocked. Leaving your room or suite unlocked endangers the safety of you, your roommate(s) and your possessions.

NOTE: This process is not intended to substitute for a lost key. If you lose your key, you are responsible for following the steps outlined below.

1.    Replacement of a room key via a lock change costs $48.00.

2.    Payments for lost keys for University housing are made at the Bursar's Office located on the 1st floor of the Wade Wilson Building. Bring the receipt to the Office of Housing Operations who will then make the necessary arrangements to have a lock change requested.

3.    It will take approximately one week for your lock to be changed and your new key(s) to be issued. You can pick up your new keys at the front desk of your building.

Students are prohibited from leaving their doors unlocked and or propped when they are not present in the room/suite. To do so jeopardizes one's own safety and the safety of everyone in the living space. Students can be held accountable for violations of this policy.