Prohibited Activities or Items

The following are prohibited in or around the residence halls:

·         The use or possession of weapons including but not limited to guns, rifles, ammunition, slingshots, C02 cartridges, paint pellet guns, BB Guns, paintballs, knives, chemical substances, bows and arrows, martial art weapons, pyrotechnics, or other materials including flammable substances which may endanger resident's health and safety. 

·         Use or possession of items which pose a fire hazard such as hot pots, hot plates, George Forman and mini grills, microwaves (over four amps), the preparation of meals in a resident's room, halogen lamps, sun lamps, candles, incense; as well as the overloading of electrical outlets. Students are only allowed to use UL approved power surges and extension cords. It is recommended that each student possess a flashlight in the event of a power outage.

·         Unreasonable use of radios and/or other sound equipment which are likely to disturb other residents or loud and boisterous behavior that otherwise is disturbing to others.

·         Pets of any kind.

·         Breaking or removing the screen from a window, climbing through windows, and disposing of any item from a window.

·         Inappropriate or non-sanctioned activities within the common areas of the residence halls to include but not limited to “pole dancing”.

·         Interfering with the operation of any mechanical aspect of any residence hall including but not limited to security cameras, elevators, and alarm systems.

·         The failure to follow the direction of any Housing Operations staff member or University official including but not limited to evacuation instructions for fire alarms, security drills, or emergency situations.

·         Compromising the security of the residence hall’s residents by propping doors open that are to be secured and closed at all times.

·         Leaving unattended any electrical items that could result in a hazardous condition including but not limited to curling irons, hair dryers, etc.

·         Use, generation, storage, or disposal of any hazardous material within University property.

·         Non-University authorized air conditioner window units are prohibited however electric fans are allowed if properly monitored.