Quiet Hours & Courtesy Hours Policy 

Every resident has the right to be able to study and sleep when they choose to do so. Quiet hours are considered vital and important for studying and sleeping in all residence halls. Students should make every effort to be mindful of the volume of noise that they produce inside of their rooms, suites, lounges and all common areas of the residence halls. Therefore, all residents and their guest(s) must make sure that they are being courteous and respectful to everyone in the living learning communities.

Violators shall be reported to the Resident Advisor, Public Safety, and/or the University Judicial Chair of the Judicial Committee. Quiet hours are a time set aside for minimal noise within the residence halls.

Quiet hours are as follows:
Sunday – Thursday: 10:00p.m. – 10:00a.m.
Friday – Saturday: 1:00a.m. 10:00a.m.

All times other than quiet hours are known as "courtesy hours." During this time it should always be quiet enough so that anyone who wants to can sleep or study. Students are expected to respect the requests of others for quiet, and share in the responsibility for developing and maintaining a positive atmosphere in their room/suite, on their wing, floor and building.

Students are highly encouraged to respectfully and civilly request  that their neighbor lower the volume of the noise level if they determine that the noise is disturbing.  When asked to lower the volume of noise, students must comply and respond in a respectful and civil manner. Failure to comply with such a directive will result in being referred to the University Judicial Chair.


Repeated incidents of violations of the Quiet & Courtesy Hours Policies can be grounds for removal from housing.