Residence Halls - Overview


The University provides traditional and suite-style housing options, as well as living and learning opportunities that enhance the academic experience gained in the classroom. We strive to maximize university housing by opening at capacity each year. Therefore, it is recommended that any undergraduate student who is interested in requesting housing, complete the process promptly. Be advised that when assignments of rooms reach capacity, students will be added to a Housing Waiting List until a space becomes available. In addition, each room consists of basic cable and ethernet connections that link directly to the University network and the internet.

Because of the educational value of on-campus living, we strongly encourage all students to experience living on campus in the residence halls. At CU many returning and transferring students also choose to live on campus for convenience, available services, and various activities. Choosing to live on campus in a residence hall gives you the opportunity to make contributions and participate in the creation of an environment in which students:

• Build new relationships
• Respect, appreciate, and celebrate individual differences and diversity
• Enhance leadership skills through involvement on and off campus
• Experience personal growth, and transformation
• Actively contribute to a positive living learning experience
• Achieve academic success

The five residence halls on campus are Tubman, King, Emlen, Humphreys, and the New Residence Hall

Residence Halls:

The five residence halls on campus are Tubman, King, Emlen, the New Residence Hall and Humphreys Hall. Tubman and King Halls are our traditional residence halls. Humphreys, Emlen and the New Residence Hall are our suite style residence halls. All rooms and suites are set up for occupants of the same gender. Emlen Hall is designated for the Keystone Honors Academy students only. Humphreys Hall is designated for Humphreys Scholar students only.  Students who are approved to reside in Humphreys and Emlen Halls are selected and notified by the Dean of the Keystone Honors Academy. As a courtesy to all students, staff and visitors, all residence halls are non-smoking communities.

Students are expected to care for their own suites, rooms, and common areas where applicable. In addition, all members of the residential community must abide by and follow all guidelines, policies, and procedures governing living on campus. Students are responsible for their actions and the behavior of their guests.

Traditional Housing:

King and Tubman Halls are the traditional residence halls on campus. These rooms are designed single and double occupancy. Each room is furnished with two of each of the following items: beds, dressers, closets, desk, and desk chair. Community bathrooms are shared by the residents on the assigned floor and are located on each floor. A mini kitchen, vending machines, and recreational lounge are located on the first floor and the laundry facility is located in the basement of each hall. King and Tubman Halls are not air conditioned.

Suite-Style Housing:

Emlen, Humphreys, and the New Residence Hall are the suite-style halls on campus. These rooms are designed for single, double, triple, and quad occupancy. These suites offer air-conditioned suites and private and semi-private rooms and bathrooms. Each carpeted suite is comprised of a furnished common area while the New Residence Hall is also furnished with a mini-microfridge. In addition, each room consists of basic cable and Ethernet connections that link directly to the University network and the Internet. Convenience and access to laundry facilities, trash disposal room, vending machines, lounges, conference room, and study lounges throughout the facility are provided. The New residence hall also offers a recreational room.

Choosing a Residence Hall:

Returning students can submit a building preference within the guidelines as listed above. Requests will be granted based on space availability, all required documents received, and all university business resolved. You should not attempt to check into any residence hall unless you have completed the enrollment process.

Choosing a Roommate:

Returning students may indicate a preferred roommate(s) by completing all of the required information on the housing request form. The person(s) you request must also request you to validate the roommate selection. Your preferred roommate(s) must be of the same gender, and you must both choose the same building preference (if eligible). If you do not list a preferred roommate, a roommate will be assigned to you. Your requested roommate(s) must complete all steps as outlined. The Office of Housing Operations will not grant roommate(s) requests if the requests are not reciprocated.

The Office of Housing Operations will conduct all roommates matching for all students who are new to the university. The information that you submitted on your on-line housing request form will serve as a guide for the roommate matching process.

Housing Waiting List:

The University desires to accommodate all students requesting to live on campus. At times, the designed housing capacity of the residence halls is less than the demand for housing and housing is not guaranteed. A housing waiting list will be utilized in these cases. Students will be notified and offered housing as spaces become available. This process is conducted by the date a student was granted financial clearance from the Bursar’s Office in conjunction as to when the non-refundable housing deposit was paid.

Single Rooms:

Our single rooms in the suite style or traditional housing offer students privacy and additional space. Single rooms are limited. Single rooms are not assigned to freshmen students.

Housing Assignments:

Housing Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. The total cost of tuition, fees, room, and board must be paid in advance or financial arrangements must be made. Students are advised that they will not receive a housing assignment until all University business has been resolved. Not all specific requests can be accommodated. The University reserves the right to make reassignments at any time based on the administrative needs of the residential program.

1) Check your student account to ensure that all University business has been resolved.

2) Contact the Bursar’s Office to verify that satisfactory financial arrangements have been made.

Housing assignments will be canceled by the Office of Housing Operations for those students who arrive after the 48 hour deadline of the move-in date. Please plan accordingly.

University Housing During University Sanctioned Breaks:

There is no housing available during University sanctioned breaks.  All students must make arrangements to leave campus during these breaks by 6:00 p.m. on the last day of class prior to the break.


Smoking, of any form (including e-cigarettes) is not allowed in the residence halls at any time.

Room Changes:

In order to maximize the productivity of our office, room change requests will not be considered and/or approved. Students are prohibited from coercing, threatening, and/or forcing other members of the residential community to move. Should such incidents occur, students will be referred to the University Judicial Chair and may also forfeit their housing privileges to reside on campus.


Infants/babies are not permitted in the residence halls.  Children under 18 years of age are not permitted in the residence halls.  Overnight guests are not permitted in the residence halls.

Special Needs

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania does not discriminate in the provision of housing to students with disabilities.  The University will provide comparable, convenient, and accessible housing to students with disabilities at the same cost as to others.  In addition, the University will make reasonable modifications in policies, practices, or procedures when the modifications are necessary to avoid discrimination on the basis of disability.  If you have a disability and need accommodation in housing, please contact the Director of Housing, Auxiliary and Conference Services at (610) 399-2428 or