Residential Life and Housing Staff

Our office Administration handle day-to-day activities related to financial planning, billing, record-keeping, personnel, and physical distribution within the department.  Most students visit our administrative offices a few times throughout the year for assistance pertaining to Housing Accommodations, Room Changes, or Vacating On-Campus Housing.  Your Housing Administrative staff is composed of four integral offices, which include the Administrative Assistant, Project Coordinator, and the Director of Residence Life and Housing.

Our Resident Assistants are trained peer leaders.  They supervise those living in their specific residence hall.  Our RA’s, who are paraprofessionals, have many roles and responsibilities including, but not limited to, building residential community through programming and acting as counselors for students. They are also trained to be a constant primary resource for students with academic or institutional questions, and enforcing resident hall policies.  Our RAs go through training so that they can best serve the students.

Our RAs balance their own schedules and priorities with the needs of the students they are supporting.  Above all, our resident assistants serve as an example of professionalism and uphold personal accountability as outlined by the University and our Office.  Most of our students hold personal relationships with their RAs.  The students see the RAs throughout the entire day in classes, whether it be in class, the café, or campus events.  Our RAs strive to be the best, not only at Cheyney University but in the PASSHE system.

Our Support Staff consist of full-time and part-time individuals who manage the Residence Halls during the evening and nightly hours of operation.  The student’s safety is the first priority of our support staff.  Many times, throughout the night, they are making constant rounds and walking the Residence Halls making sure the proper doors, both interior and exterior, are properly secured.  Most students see the Support Staff late at night and hold conversations with them.  These individuals maintain the Residence Hall while everyone is resting.

Our Work Study consist of students that assist the staff in the office and the residence hall.  Their duties are mostly clerical but they also handle duties as they are assigned.  Many times students also have personal connections with Work Study students.