weapons policy

Cheyney University guards against violence, the threat of violence, and the possession of a deadly weapon or illegal drugs by any person residing, working, or visiting on the campus. Violations of this policy can result in severe and immediate penalties, including but not limited to arrest, expulsion, and suspension from campus, residence halls, or university-sponsored activities pending the outcome of the hearing.

Weapons, firearms, and dangerous devices are instruments capable of causing harm and injury to the campus population. Prohibition of such devices and instruments on University property is an attempt to reduce the possibility of injury to the campus population. Accordingly, it shall be prohibited for anyone to possess or control weapons, firearms or dangerous devices at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania.  Exceptions to this policy may be granted in appropriate circumstances by the Director of Public Safety.

Students who have used, or who are found in possession of a weapon will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. Furthermore, they may be subject to arrest by the Department of Public Safety and criminal prosecution. Cheyney University of Pennsylvania has zero tolerance for weapons.

Some examples of such items but are not limited to are the following: Weapons, explosives, explosive materials, ammunition, fireworks, chemicals, knives, swords, cutting instruments or cutting tools, firearms (BB guns, paintball guns, rifles, handguns, etc.), mace/pepper spray, explosives, etc.