research profile, grant templates and resources

The Office of Sponsored Programs is committed to assisting you in conceptualizing your aspirational ideas and converting them into fundable research proposals.  The links provided on this page are designed to equip you with the tools that will make the grant writing process less onorous.

The best way to start is to complete a Research Profile Form.  This form is designed to help the Office of Sponsored Programs be more targeted in the funding opportunities that are sent your way.  Please complete and submit the form electronically to

We understand that, for most of you, writing a grant is something that gets squeezed in among numerous other tasks.  The following templates are designed to guide your thinking as you give shape and substance to your ideas:

Master Grant Application Outline    

Writing Goals and Objectives

Goals Worksheet

Budget Planner

Sample Line Item Budget

How one approaches writing a grant is definitely shaped by the review criteria that have been developed by the funding agency. The nature of that criteria varies widely depending upon the funding agency as well as upon the program area of the agency responsible for the RFP.  Here are review criteria for two federal grants which the university currently has: 

National Science Foundation HBCU UP Grant (Our proposal has the acronym BEAR as its name)

U.S. Department of Education TRIO Student Support Services Grant